How to take the stress out of planning your wedding

Published: 19th January 2012
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Itís quite odd that the months before the happiest day of a coupleís existence are, frequently filled with an unparalleled sense of foreboding. The ideal wedding day requires intense planning, difficult choices and incredible attention to detail.

So how can the happy couple reduce the unrivalled stress levels that come with such an predominant event in their lives?

Planning, planning, planning!

Without thorough planning, any wedding can start to fall apart at the seams. Around six months preparation time before the big day is reasonable, but ideally, 12 -18 months should be enough to comfortably organise all aspects of the wedding.

Wedding venues, guest lists, dresses, colour schemes, catering, invitations and much, much more have to be chosen and organised months before the actual ceremony, so be prepared to put hours and hours of work. it may seem like a thankless task at the time, but youíll reap the rewards on the big day itself. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking for only the bride and groom, so get help from friends and family wherever possible

Other peopleís opinions? They donít matter!

A lot of good-hearted acquaintances and relations will be advising you, telling you what will work with your colour scheme and what wonít, and who you should be invited and who shouldnít. But itís your day, no-one elses. Your decisions are final, and you are in complete control of every aspect. The opinions of others are totally irrelevant. So be careful, or you just may wind up being the bride and groom at someone elseís wedding.

You are in Control

One stereotypical cause of stress is the fear of guests not respecting how much work has gone into making the day perfect, and bringing their personal disputes up during the event. The classic example being the divorced mother and father. Avert any awkward situations through the wonders of a cunningly designed seating plan, strategic people positioning in the wedding photographs and perhaps tactical alcohol deployment.

Stay Relaxed

Chances are, at some point it may seem like all the planning and preparation is getting too much. This is when itís important for the bride and groom to take some time out for themselves. Grooms could go and watch the football, or just go and knock a few back down to the local pub. Brides may find that a more refined day in a spa or sauna is just what the doctor ordered.

And if all else fails...

If time is a luxury you just donít have, or perhaps the demands of your work just canít justify the endless hours required for planning a wedding, thereís always the option of getting the professionals in. Hollywood movies may have painted a bizarre image of the wedding planner. However, in reality most wedding planners are very well organised individuals, qualified to do this important task through years of experience. The foundation of knowledge they have to work from is invaluable, with inside knowledge on all the florists, caterers, venues local to your area.

But even with all the wedding planners in the world, no wedding is 100% guaranteed to be perfect. This is why itís important not to let any minor mishaps ruin the day for you. Itís highly unlikely that guests will even notice these minor issues, so why let it stress you out. The day is about celebrating, all the other details are totally insignificant in comparison.

The most important part of day is not the guests, catering, venue or even the dress. At the end of the day, the wedding will simply be a memory and one that you will never forget. Itís all about you committing to someone for life, and remembering that is of utmost importance.

Written by Michelle Rider at Braxted Park. Braxted Park Estate is one of the top country house wedding venues in Essex, set in an idyllic location in the heart of the Essex countryside. With a capacity of 50-300, Braxted Park is a unique Essex wedding venue catering for weddings in Essex of varying sizes, all year round.

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